March 2016

  • A New Take On…

    Cakes The wedding cake is usually a focal point at most weddings as a symbol of good luck to the newlyweds and their guests. Many guests won’t leave a wedding until they have had their piece of cake!   The groom’s cake is a southern tradition where a cake is made to represent a hobby […]

  • New Approaches

    The Art of the Specialty Cocktail You know the scene: the happy couple and all of their guests are listening to the groom’s best man on the microphone. He’s giving a humorous speech about how well he knows the groom and pointedly explaining why the bride is clearly the one for him. Everyone laughs, clinks […]

  • Five Questions: Part Two

    Part Two of 5 questions will feature our amazing Pastry Chef Jenn and Warehouse Manager Dave. My gal Jenn holds a special place in my heart- she designed my wedding cake when she was working a Sucre and in her free time as @jennmakescakes she made my baby shower cake (both cakes are featured on […]

  • Quick Tips

    This week’s quick tip is a simple one that helps to solve many common problems at once. Whether you’re entertaining at home or catering a large event, try turning any ordinary dish into an Hors D’oeuvre. Think skewers, bite size pieces, sliders, and rolls!   We love this idea and use it regularly on our […]

  • New Approaches

    The Personalized Party Favor An engaged couple in the throes of wedding planning (or, let’s be honest, the mother of the bride) can easily search on a number of websites to get ideas for wedding favors. A quick 30 second google-search for “classic wedding favors” returned a long list of STNB (stuff that nobody wants). […]

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