A New Take On…


The wedding cake is usually a focal point at most weddings as a symbol of good luck to the newlyweds and their guests. Many guests won’t leave a wedding until they have had their piece of cake!




The groom’s cake is a southern tradition where a cake is made to represent a hobby or personality trait of the groom. These are often less formal than the brides cake and certainly challenged pastry chefs to showcase their creativity! Also, more times than not, they’re chocolate. Who’s surprised??


 Bust of the groom! It was bigger than life size and the guests spent most of the night taking pictures with it. One even gave him a little kiss on the cheek!

Here are two more examples of groom cakes on theme…

Razorback Football was VERY important to this couple!

Delicious Popeye’s Fried Chicken and Biscuits?
Nope! That’s Cake!

Cake6Now we introduce a 3rd cake to add to the mix: the Father of the Bride Cake. This was something new that we discovered at the wedding of Megan and Darius that we catered in June at the New Orleans Museum of Art. We fell in love with this idea and hope this fun cake will also become a tradition! What a great way to honor your dad, or thank him for the gift of a wedding. It would also be great to surprise him with this cake – we bet he has never seen this before!

All of these cakes were made by Melissa of http://www.melissasfinepastries.com/. As always, she certainly outdid herself with these!