Five Questions: Part Two

Part Two of 5 questions will feature our amazing Pastry Chef Jenn and Warehouse Manager Dave. My gal Jenn holds a special place in my heart- she designed my wedding cake when she was working a Sucre and in her free time as @jennmakescakes she made my baby shower cake (both cakes are featured on our website if you want a peak). And, of course, everybody loves Dave. He is the ultimate Renaissance man who handles all the behind the scenes ordering, wrangling, maintaining and fixing of our equipment, etc. Basically, these are two of my favorite people so hope you enjoy learning a bit more about them!


JennBest, under-the-radar restaurant in New Orleans?

I love Restaurant R’evolution, it is well known but doesn’t get nearly the amount of publicity and praise that it should. The food and service there are amazing.
Describe your fantasy dining experience
Getting dressed up and eating at a fine dining restaurant. Trying a lot of different menu items and having wine pared to each. [Editor’s note: it is always funny to me when I see our kitchen staff dressed up. I know Jenn as the pretty gal in a Joel t-shirt and chef pants so being able to do her hair and makeup and pop on some heels really is important. And of course it doesn’t hurt to have someone else cooking for you….].
Best vacation spot?
Anywhere in Italy. The food is amazing, the cities and countryside are beautiful, the culture is wonderful and the people are super friendly!
Tell us about your background, what made you want to pursue a career as a chef?
I grew up in Hyde Park, NY. It’s in the Hudson Valley and is just beautiful. There are lots of historical homes there including the FDR and Vanderbilt mansions. It is also home to the Culinary Institute of America. My mom was always in the kitchen cooking dinner and making yummy desserts and I loved to help her. So that was probably where I get my love of baking. Driving by the CIA every day, being in such a farm based community and baking with my mom inspired me to become a pastry chef.
You got any hidden talents? Wiggling your ears, making dolphin noises, etc…
I do accents and impressions.


DaveYou’re the friendly face making sure that we have everything that we need and that we get from point A to point B – when not in the office, wine cellar, or truck, where can we find you?

Home. [Editor’s note: Dave is a man of few words so please let me expand on his sweet single word answers. Truth is when Dave is not here, inthe liquor room or driving around town delivering to parties, he is at home hanging with his wife, entertaining his grandson or taking his 120 lb lab/rot mix to the dog park.]
What’s your favorite Joel dish or dessert?
Shrimp.  [Our man is happiest with some of Joel’s BBQ shrimp but wouldn’t we all be happy with some expertly cooked jumbo gulf shrimp? He’s not wrong. Not wrong at all.]
Best vacation spot?
Camp. [After Katrina, Dave and his wife purchased a fish camp in Northern Louisiana. It is in the middle of nowhere- closest Walmart is a 45 minute drive- but with a wraparound porch and lake across the dirty road, it is pretty relaxing. The perfect place to read a book, go fishing or just take a nap.]
Do you cook at home? If so, what’s your signature dish?
Pizza. [It is true: Dave is known for his terrific homemade pizza. Many, many, many years ago he worked at his wife’s family bakery which, among other things, offered by the slice pizza. Working there, he perfected his crust and toppings-to-sauce ratio. His pizzas really make takeout pizza taste like cardboard….]
You’re originally from Ohio – how did you end up in New Orleans?
Sarah. [Dave’s daughter came to New Orleans to attend Tulane. While she was here Dave and his wife visited often and fell in love with the town. They sold their house in Miami and moved on up to NOLA. We all think this was one of their best ideas.]