Five Questions

Today, we are learning about our newest Joel employee, Production Manager Leilah, and one of our wonderful and talented cooks, Chris. Both Chris and Leilah are a joy to work with, and both face everything they do with a positive attitude and are willing to do whatever it takes to make our event successful. I hope you find them as charming as I do.


Leilah1) Let’s start with your favorite New Orleans restaurant – you got one?
Having only lived in New Orleans for one year (so far), I haven’t had the opportunity to try out as many restaurants as I would like! In general, I like trying new things and rarely go to the same place more than once.

2) Tell us about your weirdest job/employment.
For 2 years, I worked for Carnival Cruise Lines as an onboard Teen Activities Director. Living and working on a ship for six months at a time was VERY strange. The experience was filled with long hours, crazy parties, and nonstop ship-life drama. An experience worth having, for sure, but not one I would repeat.

3) Do you cook at home? If so, what’s your signature dish?
I used to cook quite a bit when I was younger, but lost my touch while away at college and then on cruises (both provided rare access to a proper kitchen). I’m currently re-discovering my skills. As with restaurants, I rarely try the same thing more than once! I love experimenting with food.

4) Where can we find you when you’re not in the office, or executing an event?
I’m a festi-girl through and through. Whether its Wednesday’s at the Square, Louisiana Seafood Fest, French-Quarter Fest, or Po-Boy fest you name it. I am all over any free New Orleans event with music and food!

5 ) You got any hidden talents? Wiggling your ears, making dolphin noises, etc…
I’m pretty good at untying knots. [Editor’s Note: where was she when I had a super tangled up necklace? Guess who is getting the call next time! ]


Chris1) You’ve worked in catering for a while now – what’s your favorite type of event to cook for?
I like the big events, I like the rush [Editor’s note: what he said! If you don’t these crazy jobs might not be the right fit for us!]

2) Describe your ultimate concert experience.
Grateful Dead 95 deer creek. Enough said! [Editor’s note: I pushed for details but then realized that we don’t want to get Chris into trouble….]

3) You’re a husband and father – what does your family request that you make?
My wife is a vegetarian so anything along those lines and as far as my daughter goes I never go wrong with mac and cheese!

4) Word on the street is you’re a pretty talented musician – tell us about that!
My main instrument is the bass… Back in my hay day I toured all over and played Jazzfest on a few occasions.

5) Quick – you’ve just been asked to take Brad Pitt, Oprah, and Will Ferrell to dinner – where are you going and what are you ordering?
I’m not taking them anywhere, I’m Cooking! I’m not sure of the rest of the menu but starting with Gumbo. Who doesn’t like Gumbo!