New Approaches

The Personalized Party Favor

An engaged couple in the throes of wedding planning (or, let’s be honest, the mother of the bride) can easily search on a number of websites to get ideas for wedding favors. A quick 30 second google-search for “classic wedding favors” returned a long list of STNB (stuff that nobody wants). This list was mostly comprised of miniature wedding paraphernalia, such as mini wedding bells, heart shaped wine stoppers, and a candle that looks like a wedding cake. Which begged me to ask the question, is it really a favor if nobody wants it?
Instead of combing through the “classics” for inspiration, try searching on sites like Etsy or CustomMade.


Or, better yet, try making the favors yourself! With options like these, you can totally personalize your favors. Your wedding does not have to be typical. You can personalize your favors to your guests, to your wedding, or to your marriage!