New Approaches

The Art of the Specialty Cocktail

You know the scene: the happy couple and all of their guests are listening to the groom’s best man on the microphone. He’s giving a humorous speech about how well he knows the groom and pointedly explaining why the bride is clearly the one for him. Everyone laughs, clinks glasses, and takes a swig of champagne. It’s a classic toast.
There is a fine line, however, between classic and cliché. While the practically impossible task of writing a quality and cliché-less speech is left up to the best man, the bride and groom can take matters into their own hands to put a twist on the classic wedding toast scenario.




Many of our clients have begun requesting specialty cocktails at their weddings, and we love this idea! A specialty cocktail can be a fun way to make your wedding more personal. Not to knock the classic (and who doesn’t love champagne?), but if you’re looking for a fun twist for your wedding, this is the way to go. The specialty cocktail can be a representation of you and your fiancé’s tastes and personalities. There certainly is an art to changing things up. Give it a try!