Quick Tips

This week’s quick tip is a simple one that helps to solve many common problems at once. Whether you’re entertaining at home or catering a large event, try turning any ordinary dish into an Hors D’oeuvre. Think skewers, bite size pieces, sliders, and rolls!


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We love this idea and use it regularly on our catering menus. Mini tartlets, chilled corn soup in small cups, prosciutto rolls, salmon sliders. Use your seafood, meats and veggies to their fullest potential.
Adding more Hors D’oeuvres to your party menus means less prep work for you, better event flow, less cleanup post-event, and best of all, visually appealing food! Check out these photos of some of our favorite Hors D’oeuvre creations:flashfriedgulfoysters1annie-scotts-wedding-2-1-w300h432white-deb-party-16-w300h287-1