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Top Catering Menu Ideas in New Orleans

Creating the perfect event menu is crucial, as the memory of great food will stay with your guests for years. A thoughtfully crafted menu not only delights the palate but also enhances the overall experience. At Joel Catering, we like to weave local New Orleans flavors and traditions into each dish, elevating your event to something truly memorable. Here’s how we do it.

Embracing the Local Palate

New Orleans‘ unique cuisine comes from its blend of French, Spanish, African, and Creole influences. We embrace this rich heritage by creating dishes that are both authentic and innovative. Our chefs source the freshest local ingredients, like Gulf seafood, Creole tomatoes, and Ponchatoula strawberries, to ensure each dish bursts with local flavors.


Fresh Gulf oysters on ice at a wedding reception

Innovative Signature Dishes

Our menus celebrate New Orleans’ classics with exciting twists. Imagine starting your event with unique passed hors d’oeuvres like Blue Crab Beignets with Herb Aioli or Crispy Pork Belly with Honey Glazed Cantaloupe. Signature dishes like Andouille Hash Cake with Corn Salsa and Tabasco Beurre Blanc brings you the taste of the bayou, while our Crawfish Hand Pie with Remoulade provides a creamy burst of local flavor.

Seasonal Creativity in Catering

We also love to incorporate seasonal ingredients to our menus, bringing fresh and vibrant flavors to every dish. We constantly update our offerings based on the season and the availability of peak ingredients, ensuring each event menu is a unique culinary experience. Whether it’s a spring wedding featuring local Heirloom tomatoes or a winter gala with Duck Confit, our menus are creatively tailored to the time of year and setting.


Duck confit served as a family style dinner

Tailored Catering Experiences

Every event is unique, and the menu should be too. It should match the theme and your specific desires. Whether it’s a family-style meal with Braised Beef Short Ribs and Southern Grits or an elegant dinner featuring Porcini Mushroom Dusted Sea Bass, we suggest creating a menu that suits your event’s style and dietary needs.


Interactive Culinary Stations

To enhance your event further, we recommend interactive culinary stations that offer an engaging dining experience. Guests can enjoy themed selections like a seafood station with marinated crab claws and oysters, or a Southern station with cheese grits and BBQ shrimp. These stations encourage guest interaction and elevate the overall dining atmosphere. And of course, in cooler months, nothing can replace the oyster bar.


Catering station set up at a wedding reception with New Orleans style cuisine


In New Orleans, food is more than sustenance—it’s a reason to gather, celebrate, and indulge. Make sure you choose a caterer that does not just prepare and serve food. Find a team to craft experiences that capture the heart and soul of New Orleanscuisine.

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