• Wedding Food Trends for 2017: Small plate stations and Late night snacks

    Chef Evan Benson    At the beginning of every year, there are a ton of articles that come out about the latest food trends for wedding receptions. Some of them are retreads—brunch receptions are great and you can be really creative, although the idea isn’t new—but there are a couple of emerging additions that I […]

  • A New Take On…

    Late Night Snacks One of my favorite trends in receptions are the late night snacks. Such a fun way to add some personality to your reception. You can keep the reception food more traditional (or funky too) and then finish with some cute snacks. Here are a few of my favorites: Savory Savory favorites are […]

  • Entertaining Ideas

    Décor When entertaining at home, you don’t have to limit yourself to the typical floral arrangement or candelabra centerpieces, especially if you’re on a budget! There are many more creative way to dress up your event. Take to Pinterest for inspiration!   Catering presentation can add to the décor of the event. Work with your […]

  • A New Take On…

    Cakes The wedding cake is usually a focal point at most weddings as a symbol of good luck to the newlyweds and their guests. Many guests won’t leave a wedding until they have had their piece of cake!   The groom’s cake is a southern tradition where a cake is made to represent a hobby […]

  • New Approaches

    The Art of the Specialty Cocktail You know the scene: the happy couple and all of their guests are listening to the groom’s best man on the microphone. He’s giving a humorous speech about how well he knows the groom and pointedly explaining why the bride is clearly the one for him. Everyone laughs, clinks […]

  • Five Questions: Part Two

    Part Two of 5 questions will feature our amazing Pastry Chef Jenn and Warehouse Manager Dave. My gal Jenn holds a special place in my heart- she designed my wedding cake when she was working a Sucre and in her free time as @jennmakescakes she made my baby shower cake (both cakes are featured on […]

  • Quick Tips

    This week’s quick tip is a simple one that helps to solve many common problems at once. Whether you’re entertaining at home or catering a large event, try turning any ordinary dish into an Hors D’oeuvre. Think skewers, bite size pieces, sliders, and rolls!   We love this idea and use it regularly on our […]

  • New Approaches

    The Personalized Party Favor An engaged couple in the throes of wedding planning (or, let’s be honest, the mother of the bride) can easily search on a number of websites to get ideas for wedding favors. A quick 30 second google-search for “classic wedding favors” returned a long list of STNB (stuff that nobody wants). […]

  • Five Questions

    Today, we are learning about our newest Joel employee, Production Manager Leilah, and one of our wonderful and talented cooks, Chris. Both Chris and Leilah are a joy to work with, and both face everything they do with a positive attitude and are willing to do whatever it takes to make our event successful. I […]

  • NOLA’s Rising Stars

    We had so much fun hosting StarChef’s Rising Stars event this past Tuesday night! A big thank you to all the talented chefs who came out to showcase their delicious food, and congratulations to all who won awards!      

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